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The knife is probably the most important tool in the kitchen regardless if it´s your proffesion or at home. One sure thing is, good quality tools increase your chanses for success in the kitchen. I strive to use the most appropriate steel to make superhigh performance knifes with handles in many shapes from the nordic forests that hopefully will suit most users. I have chosen to handle all material my self to have it 100% under control and being able to easy adjust this to every customer.

The goal is to try make the very best kitchen knifes and hopefully never stop trying to improve and develop all the models!

Welcome inside to take part of my projekts and dont forget to sign my guestbook!



Bronshängev 27
83161 Östersund

Phone +46703203393



25/07/2014 01:07
I've added more information in: Sharpening/Repair

Sharpening 5 axes

23/07/2014 21:20
I've been shapening and sharpened five axes and published 20 new pictures with description U...

Woodcutting and Swedish knife Championships

23/07/2014 21:05
Hello there!    For those who are wondering what's happening right now I'm...

Payment/shipping-terms released

21/06/2014 09:53
I have released the "Terms" for Payment and shipping outside Sweden

What makes a good kitchenknife?

04/06/2014 09:04
I've started to write about general differences between Japanese and Western kitchen knives good...

16" Sujihiki finally finished!

06/05/2014 08:44
I have upploaded 4 new pictures of this Suji and some info about it also. U will find it in...

Project AEB-L

03/05/2014 13:52
45 new pictures upploaded in "Project AEB-L"

New pictures

26/04/2014 23:39
I have upploaded som new pictures of the latest steel UHB20c15 (52100) in "Project 2"...

Latest steel UHB 20c15 (52100)

19/04/2014 23:47
Hopefully in the next week or the following i will begin upploading some...

Text to pictures

23/03/2014 09:31
I have made the text visible to pictures before they are enlarged
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